Who are we? AKSAKAL GROUP, which has adopted continuous development with its customer-oriented service structure and production approach that does not compromise on quality, continues to increase its place in the sector rapidly since the first day it was founded. In the manufacturing process that started in 1976, today it is a factory that can offer rich opportunities to its customers by incorporating a qualified workforce and the latest technology machinery and equipment of the sector. After the production processes implemented within the framework of quality standards, it has been ensured that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is always kept at the highest level with the products that are brought together with the customer without any errors. AKSAKAL GROUP, which is the leader in the manufacture of DOORS and DOORS in its region, continues to add value to the furniture industry with its 10000 m² closed area, nearly 680 regional dealers and expert staff. AKSAKAL MAKINE, which started woodworking (carpentry) machinery sales and technical service (revision, maintenance, repair) services in 1991, has the largest machinery in the Black Sea region and is the dealer of the strongest machinery manufacturers. Our goal is to produce the best and share it with the best.